Café Bombon Recipe


Coffee is a part of the Spanish everyday life. They have great coffee here and it’s great because I am also a great coffee lover. (Did you notice the times I’ve used the word great here? ^^) My love affair with coffee started 15 years ago. My parents would alwayshave coffee with their breakfast and snacks. When my sister Laarnie and I were in high school and in the university, drinking coffee became a part of our daily routine since we were working students. We needed coffee to survive the day. We’re both coffee lovers!

I mostly love my coffee alone (espresso) but I am also a great lover of caffè macchiato or café manchado (espresso with just a touch of milk). But when I am in a playful moood *wink  I always prepare Café Bombon using this totally MEAN recipe. This recipe is not for the faint-hearted and not even for those who aren’t best friends with calories. Have I told you calories is my mmiddle name? ^^)
I love my coffee and I take it seriously so I start with great coffee. Delicious and heavenly colombian coffee. 

Prepare your espresso. I love Colombian coffee for this! 

A clear glass is best for this coffee as the layers are best appreciated. So get that shot glass, yes! that vodka glass! (I didn’t have any shot glass on hand. I was sure we had one or two but I couldn’t find it : (

 Pour a generous amount of sweetened condensed milk…

With the help of a spoon, pour that yummy goodness of espresso into the glass. 

Got to love that crema! I love my colombian coffee! With its heady aroma, rich flavor and body without the acidity, it’s an experience!

If you want to bring your Café Bombon into a different level, add  a teaspoon or two of Bailey’s Irish cream. Top that with some whipped cream or frothed milk if you don’t want the extra fat ^^) You can then sprinkle cocoa powder or shaved chocolate on top of the whipped cream or frothed milk!

Sinful, I know! But believe me. It’s worth it!

I hope you liked this recipe. Enjoy!


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