The Pantry Feature: Carrot Cake Made With What?!?

This carrot cake must be the best carrot cake I’ve ever seen in the web for a long time! Seriously! I am bookmarking this recipe to try it soon. I am now following the site so I could go back for more of her scrumptious recipes!

Cookin' Up Good Times

A much requested dessert has once again been requested -my scrumptious carrot cake! It doesn’t matter if there’s a special occasion or not. Someone will call, email, text, or sky write (okay, a slight exaggeration there) asking for me to bake one up and bring it on over -it never fails! It is just that good. This carrot cake has a few special kick-it-up-a-few-notches ingredients that make it like no other:  pineapple and coconut!

I know! So not the norm for a carrot cake. But let me just say, you will be floored with the surprise, and filled with the happiness only this amazing flavorful treat can bring. Any doubts will be chewed right up as you inhale this confectioner’s paradise!

Know what else? As we all should be looking for more ways to work veggies into our diet, there are two cups of carrots in this recipe.  Score!  Why split hairs…

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